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Ricki Hall

To me Ricki is one of the most intriguing sociological phenomena of out times! A tattooed, bearded guy making his own fashion statement… He Managed to establish an older trend yet add an edgier modern touch to it!

As a result an entire retail industry (promoting this kind of Ricki attitude) now benefits as the followers are growing in number!

So here goes my favourite hipster of them all…

Rania: Wow you’re even better in person
Ricki: nahhh, I had a long day today and I’m tired and…
Rania: haahah then you should be tired more often ;)
Ricki: smiles and flushes

Ricki: where shall I sign for you
Rania: at the bottom right … Corner of the T.. But then I won’t be able to wash it hahaha (mocking)
Ricki: oh well you don’t have to wash it! I don’t wash my T-shirts! I skate and they get dirty and ripped and dirty but they’re cooler that way

Hipster said it himself Hahahahah Although I must admit he was rather polished :p

Charming guy, funny, happy and cool! I loved everything about him and I’m not just referring to the handsomeness, to the funky beard and the awesome tattoos but also to his genuine smile, sparkling eyes and laid back attitude Would have absolutely wanted him to be my friend! Great vibe! Great guy!

Also a Big thanks goes to the lovely Daniel owner of the shop- providing the P&Co T-shirts- for organising this event !

Best of British Shop (18 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LG)

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