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Black & White

Who said black and white (the combo) has to be dull or simple ??? Who said black and white are outdated and so last news? Who said black and white cannot be funky?

Well it must have been he who had never tried on a pair of zebra trousers!!!! This outfit puts you in such a playful mood even if you have the most serious intentions!

Spring means it’s time to get out of that cocoon of yours and be bold and daring… Why not start with a statement pair of trousers then?! ;)

Ps: outfit for rent tomorrow at rentez-vous’ event at OUI Madame (N16 7UY) @ 6pm-9pm

A #cowboy in Den Haag … #street #style #dolceandgabbana #DG  (at Willemstraat, Den Haag)

A #cowboy in Den Haag … #street #style #dolceandgabbana #DG (at Willemstraat, Den Haag)

Black & Gold …

Style it! Play with it! Be happy!

Our clothes often define our mood! A friend was telling me the other day how he has this power trench coat that makes him feel more confident when faced with official obligations, how his scarf is carefully chosen to represent him, how each pair of his shoes can alter his attitude and shape his routine! I really like people who understand the power of small things like wardrobe choices and I encourage everyone to explore that too… It can be really
Fun!!!! So this post is one of the “spring style” suggestions that aim to help you prepare adequately for the new season, without falling into small or big “traps”!

Last post recommended you to avoid florals if you’re not 100% sure of how to combine them … So this one offers the alternative… Why don’t you try
1. Butterfly patterns (jacket by Paul&Joe)
2. Gold accessories to brighten your look (bag: Stella McCartney, shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Spring is also the season where the sun gives it’s first performances but unfortunately you don’t always know how long they last so..
3. Grab a hat… This little guy can protect you from both sun or drizzle

Finally … Yes orange is back but so is
4. Red!!!!! Put that lipstick on and smile !!!!

Ps: 5. Black is always on the table…

Photos: Kate Rubin

Dimitri’s Boterhammen

Or Dimitri’s sandwich for the rest of us (non Dutch)

Since 1996, Vlaamsch Broodhuys have been baking, under the inspiring leadership of Dimitri Roels, the most delicious sourdough-bread of the Netherlands. This is made in an artisanal and authentic way and with the best materials (I can vouch for that).

In the Baker’s Cafés they serve “Dimitri’s boterhammen” with their bread as the base for delicious covered sandwiches. Of course the breads are there for sale as well.

This place is perfect for brunch with breads jams and eggs or fast lunches with quiches and of course sandwiches!!!!!!
Loved it!

The #Spring Block (Street Styled)

Spring is officially in the air - Even in our “little” London town.
This means two things…
A. EXAM season
B. Wardrobe “refreshing”

for part A well… let’s say that i will be soon taking a sleeping bag in the library so i don’t even have to go back home to sleep anymore
But for part B… we can be a bit more fun and creative.

Spring Tips:

1. Avoid ClichEs
I really don’t get why we all have to buy a pair of florals for Spring. It is like a weird old rigid tradition people! Flowers, colours and messy patterns, if not worn properly can be a disaster… so please… try to avoid them, be more innovative and creative and explore other trends.

2. Monochrome
The season trends call for monochrome … what does that mean is that black and white are up for grabs! Encompass these two essential colours in a more playful way however, combining them with intense contradicting splashes of alive colours

3. Colour Blocks
We do embrace colour of course… but for those who are a bit more edgy, i advice you go for colour blocking! try combining intense colours (electric blue and bright green above) together and if you do it wisely you will definitely achieve a statement piece that will make you stand out.

4. Keep the patterns in the Accessories
Be wild here.. animal prints, bejewelled, colours, flowers, emprime, …anything goes as long as the colours can relate to parts of the outfit. The more playful the more Spring-ish

5. Orange
It’s time to discover that orange lipstick again… YES! now is the time for it…!!!!!

Shoes: Marc By Marc Jacobs (both pairs), Bag: Kenzo, Trousers: Topshop, Blouse: Zara, Jacket: All Saints, Necklace: Mimilamour

The outfit is available to rent through Rentez-Vous UK

photos by: Kate Rubin

The #girl with the #gold feet #marcjacobs #pumps ftw ❤️#streetstyle #london #lovelse  (at The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE)

The #girl with the #gold feet #marcjacobs #pumps ftw ❤️#streetstyle #london #lovelse (at The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE)


It’s been a year + since i discovered this playful and funky brand in a boutique in Paris. I remember how mesmerised I was that day… when i was trying on the most elaborately yet not over-the-top chocker necklace! I felt like a princess indeed and every time i wear it (because of course i bought it) i get the very same feeling!
SO … now the question who is behind mimilamour…
Gerard Gourdon is the creative mind behind the brand. He chose the name “Mimilamour” to cherish his love and honour her with his work but beyond that it is also inspired by the smart, sophisticated women of Paris.
What i like the most about Mimilamour is the fact that it’s really rather independent and doesn’t follow trends.. it creates them!!!!
The golden snake bracelet is one of my favourite pieces as well as of course the elaborate necklaces! “Incroyable”

why don’t you check it out yourself…

Hoi Polloi

Good morning East Siders… This is your daily update of what’s “brunching” …! I’m sure my Shoreditch people are well aware of the relatively new ACE hotel! A boutique hotel right on Shoreditch high street aka the temple of hipsteria! A very warm and friendly environment taking you to a trip back to the 70s where minimal Art Deco was wildly worshipped!
Hoi Polloi is a restaurant within the ACE hotel, which I promise will thrill and satisfy you at the same time! Glorious breakfast, including eggy bread, ricotta pancakes as well as healthy grain options, to start the day bright and strong! Moreover ACE hotel’s midnight suppers tend to be quite popular too… !
Highly recommended for a Saturday/Sunday brunch … ! Valentin and I went there last Saturday very hyper (after the caffeine OD) and hungry after the London coffee festival and we happily indulged to the most filling and satisfying flavours!!! (See Val’s face above ;p )

Tip: ask for the pancakes … They are Orgasmic

London Coffee Festival #LCF 2014

It’s still on people.. Last day today for you to get pumped! Truman Brewery in ‘le Shoreditch’ is hosting once again the most glorious festival of them all… The London coffee festival!!!!
#Timberyard #Ozone #stAli #nude #allpress and so many cafés were there… It’s a coffee frenzy for you coffee lovers to indulge in!
From the producers, to the stockists and from the retail to the inspiration… His festival is the temple of anyone who is in the coffee business! Incredible machines, funky baristas, Coffee, Live music, food, chocolate, Jose and Pablo playing the clarinet, hipster families, hipster djs, hipster children, hipster beards … It’s a little heaven I’m telling you RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!
this year another section was added to the festival… The milk and sugar section, the complementary fashion room of everything sacred to your average hipster indeed! My beloved #pandco guys were also there but I missed Ricki Hall who was signing tshirts on Thursday!
Anyhow, Valentin was really great at baring my excitement about the event and dealing with my childish tantrums … He might have been encouraging them too to be honest! Sweet guy!!!!!! Perfect day, great company followed by an exquisite brunch at ACE hotel’s Hoi Polloi (more to follow on that) …


Your coffee enthusiast Rania x

5 Reasons you want to be in London this April

1. London Coffee Festival

woohooo it’s finally that time of the year… The London Coffee Festival starts NOWWWWW and until Sunday you - coffee lovers - are all in for a massive treat!!!! Last year was superb, i’m sure this year it will be even bigger… Truman Brewery is hosting the event and i’m sure that if you rush you might manage to get a ticket (not all days are sold out)
Inside tip: Today at 3pm Ricki Hall will be signing autographs for the P&Co pop-up at the festival (run i’m telling you)

for more info:

2. YSL - the movie

The story of the iconic man who left his mark on the fashion world is now brought to your closest cinemas… All the fashionistas out there will defo get excited … hint hint

"Yves Saint Laurent became head of one of the world’s great fashion houses aged 21. Until his death half a century later in 2008, he was one of fashion’s dominant figures. This year sees the release of two feature films about his tumultuous professional and private life. The first opens this week in the UK." BBC

3. International Pillow Fight

i stumbled upon this event online and it just drove me ecstatic… i mean this is your chance to relive your childhood in the craziest way! This saturday trafalgar square will be hosting this event… and the best thing is that it’s for FREE.. just bring a pillow

for more info:

4. Voodoo Blues - The Wandering Chef

Got to love the funky pop-ups - mainly dominating Shoreditch … The Wandering Chef has been a very successful concept over the few past years… one which merges creativity with gourmet tastes and elaborate cocktails.. this season’s theme is VOODOO blues… a mix of Marie Laveau and Sax tunes on the background…mmm sounds sexy to me

fore more info & reservations:

5. The fairground

ALl the foodies out there… this is the new IT thing to visit and try..

Launches Fri 12th April for 10 weeks in East London.
260-264 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG

"We all love a trip to the Fairground right? Well lucky for you there’s a brand new Fairground heading for East London and it features absolutely no crap rides. Oh yes, Fairground is the new project from Dom Cools-Lartigue, the founder of Street Feast.
The new venue will have 3 floors:
Level 1 – Fairground Live
Level 2 – The Grandaad lounge
Level 3 – A top floor restaurant space run by changing guest chefs and restaurants.

for more info: