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It is not the destination that is all about the journey
#lfw Somerset #london #karl #lagerfeld #mulberry #urbanoutfitters #dahlia #allsaints  (at Somerset House)

#lfw Somerset #london #karl #lagerfeld #mulberry #urbanoutfitters #dahlia #allsaints (at Somerset House)

Choosing #clothes #accessories and #bags for #fashion week #lfw is as fun as it is dreadful #fashionfreak #chanel #valentino #saintlaurent #louboutin #marcjacobs #chanel  (at The Loft )

Choosing #clothes #accessories and #bags for #fashion week #lfw is as fun as it is dreadful #fashionfreak #chanel #valentino #saintlaurent #louboutin #marcjacobs #chanel (at The Loft )

Outfit of the day - little ms. 70s 

Cigarette trousers: Topshop
Petite jumper: Topshop
Jacket: All Saints 
Shoes: Abdonkers 
Bag: Mulberry 
Pearls: vintage royal collection

Outfit of the day - little ms. 70s

Cigarette trousers: Topshop
Petite jumper: Topshop
Jacket: All Saints
Shoes: Abdonkers
Bag: Mulberry
Pearls: vintage royal collection

Shopping with Ms. Kouros

And as we are now officially getting through the second week of September, i am here to make the Summer to Autumn transition a bit more fun. Having detoxed and rejuvenated (look previous posts) it is time to shake our wardrobes. The weather might still be a bit warm here in London town but it is always full of surprises so you better get a hold of those old sweaters, jumpers and warm ups. But If they all seem somewhat depressing as you take them off of the back of your closet why not splurge a bit and get yourself a mini makeover. Not only does it gives you that new image that always excite you but the very process of purchasing can be very uplifting too - They don’t call it Shopping Therapy for nothing !!!

So here i am in the dressing rooms of the Topshop temple on Oxford street, here are some of my favourite picks that will definitely keep you warm, keep you colourful and bright, and of course keep your budget in place! 

Are you ready? 

Outfit no.1: Preppy Ms. Autumn

Floral cropped top: £25-£30 depending on neck cut

Dogooth Cigarette Trousers: £42 

Outfit no.2: Ms. BB/ tweed reviewed

Petite Rib Grunge Jumper:  £36

Dogooth Cigarette Trousers: £42


Outfit no.3: Little Ms. Sunshine

Lower ground collection: £65

Outfit no.4: Ms. Topshop Unique - office Unique

Petite Premium Dogtooth Blazer: £68

Tailored Dogtooth Cigarette Trousers: £48

Want more? Give me a nudge !!!!

#jdlondoncampus #fashion #college is looking for models for #free #makeup sessions this Wednesday 10/09 inbox me: (at JD Campus London)

Have you always wanted to be a model? 

Always wanted to experience THE fashion shoot? 

Wouldn’t you want to have your make up and hair done for free? 

Now is your chance!!!! JD college of fashion is looking for YOU!!!! This Wednesday 5pm-7pm. There will be a make up tutorial on campus (Paddington) and models are needed … not only will you learn make up tricks but you will also get a free session with LA based make up artist Carlos. 

if interested inbox me ASAP!!!

Wolf & Badger - Gin & Juice



Thursday afternoon and we are all dolled up, Eleni and I, walking down the charming streets of Mayfair with a playful and funky mood ready to take over the night. Invited to my beloved cluster boutique Wolf & Badger for their warm get together whose aim was to showcase the new Autumn/Winter collection. 



As always, a plethora of designers standing by their colourful “canvases” and artistic creations guiding you through their work, explaining the story behind each and every fabric, textile, colour… I love interacting with the creative pool, it rejuvenates me with all of its sparkle and its je ne sais quoi sort of glam. Bright fuchsias and feathery designs, leather applications, pony haired boots (j’adore) and psychedelic prints on the finest of silk immediately grabbed my attention. Like a child in a candy store i was mesmerised by the vibes, the mood, the people and as i was dragging Eleni among the crowd i managed to blend in and make acquaintances too. 



People watching becomes such a joy in this sort of events. Besides the eccentric individuals that further decorate with their presence the scene, you also get the hot artistic/intellectual crowd, even the half drunk random pass by too. My personal favourite however was the hipster photographer of the event who let me fix his fallen (left side) moustache. Adorable!  



Finally, it wouldn’t have been a Wolf & Badger event had there not been the customised cocktails for the occasion. Gin was the base, strawberry & elderflower or grapefruit, basil & black pepper were the extra choices/touches. 


Lovely event, lovely people, lovely night! 

more on the collections and updates at Wolf & Badger

#about_last_night … @wolfandbadger #newseason more on #knowthyself soon… It’s all about the preview #london #fashion

#about_last_night … @wolfandbadger #newseason more on #knowthyself soon… It’s all about the preview #london #fashion

#darkness for #rtv #rentezvous #London - be alert more cheeky choices on rtv’s new website soon … #fashion

#darkness for #rtv #rentezvous #London - be alert more cheeky choices on rtv’s new website soon … #fashion

September: Back to “School”?!

OK! Summer is technically over , although the last 3 weeks in London hadn’t been that ‘summerish’ to start with, but still, September is officially upon us and has brought Autumn with him too. Not to worry though i’m here to ease the pain. This post includes a series of steps including practises, events and fun stuff to make this a great month. 

Step 1: The Detox 

If yesterday you didn’t take some time to regroup, to cleanse and to get yourself ready for a fresh start…well no worries, you still have time to do it tonight. Prep yourself a bit; either get or do that mani peni you really need. Wax off those terrible hair off of your arms, legs and anywhere else you got them. Scrub those dead cells off of your face and apply a mask for 5-10 minutes or so. Drink some detoxing water with some lemon and cucumber in it - it works miracles. After all this hard work jump in bed as early as possible with a movie of choice to calm you down 

Step 2: The Avocado&Egg Trend

Make September the month of new beginnings. Start by making some baby steps, getting rid of those damn terrible eating habits. Turn to some healthy and tasty trends: Avocado, full of those good fatty oils that your body is craving for, combined with, high in protein eggs, along with the magic touch of chilly and lime to give your metabolism a kick, can become the best breakfast ever, one to keep you going for the rest of the day.  

- 1 slice of wholegrain toasted bread

- 1 boiled/poached/scrambled egg

- 1/4 avocado 

- a pinch of chilly

- lime drops

Step 3: Christabel’s Mad Hatters Brunch 

YAyyyyy Brunch Brunch Brunch!!!!!! Something different? YES please… overlooking regents canal Christabel’s pop-up brunch concept is highly appealing. 

Sunday 14th September, 12:00-15:00

Dive deep in to the rabbit whole for Christabel’s legendary Mad Hatter’s Brunch. BYOB.”


Mad Hatters Cocktail

Scones with cheddar cheese and spicy honey

Scones with white chocolate and marmalade

Sausage bap with chilli tomato chutney and grainy mustard

Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Celery and peanut butter

The gooooooiest of chocolate brownies

A selection of Tea Pigs teas and coffee!

Step 4: Louboutin it 

Louboutin’s new nail polish, inspired by the iconic sky high heels, is definitely the new IT thing to have this September. 

retail price: £36 (Selfridges) 

Step 4: Cheeseburger Day

and if you manage to stick to your new healthy avocado routine you might as well reward yourself on the 18th of September, for it is the International Cheeseburger day people (YAY)! Get a big juicy patty and put some extra cheese on that <3

Best 5 Burger places in London (pour moi):

1. Red Dog Saloon  - cheeseburger £7.95

2. Haché - cheeseburger £8.95

3. Meat Liquor  - cheeseburger £7.50

4. Steam & Rye cheeseburger £12.95

5. Patty & Buncheeseburger £7.50

Step 5: Passion Punch

Make Passion Punch the cocktail of the month! why? Gin and Passion Fruit… no need to say more. 

contribution of cosmopolitan US 

Sushi Samba

It was a long day yesterday, but one filled with giggles, alcohol, good food and amazing company. Andrea is leaving next week, off to Mexico. So as she is abandoning London for now, there had to be an appropriate celebration. Having had brunch at my beloved Wolsely and after a failed attempt to reach to Notting Hill - Madness- Carnival we took a detour from West to East and sky high to Sushi Samba

Having London at our feet, and the Cucumber Cocktails flowing, we reviewed the year, we laughed at the good and the bad, we got emotional, we bitched about everything and when the bubbly tipsiness got control of our heads we indulged to an el topo roll (to DIE for).

From London, to New York, all across to Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas, Sushi Samba has definitely made a name for itself. PArticularly the London brunch is one of my favourite spots in London as it gives me this sense of freedom, of escaping from all the troubles of the world. 

If you’re going for the dining experience i recommend you book in advance as it tends to get pretty crowded. If you’re just in the mood for drinks just pass by and either be patient in a queue or could be lucky and get up immediately. 

*i do recommend the el topo sushi roll and the quinoa side