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The Autumnal Protein Muffin

There are three things i openly admit i’m not really good at (that means i’m really bad)… Ironing, Cooking and Baking… and yet last sunday as part of my healthy mantra i decided to give it a go and pretend to be Nigella for a day…making a fair attempt to a bunch of some very interesting and (TOO) healthy muffins, that i like to call “The Autumnal fruit - Protein based muffins”


Of course i wouldn’t go for something normal, hence the “Autumnal” and “Protein” tags in this post… so what the muffins DID NOT include were

a. Eggs

b. Milk

c. sugar 

so you might wonder what the heck did i put in those funny labelled muffins after all…



1 cup of strawberries 

1/2 cup of grapes

1/2 apple 

2 bananas

11/cups of whole wheat flour

1/4 of almond oil

a satchet of a protein powder of your preference

Cinnamon (1 tsp)

Baking soda (1 tsp)


 The mi is really easy to make i promise!!!! you mash the bananas and you chop (until minced) the fruits and then put all together in a bowl and hand blend. You then simply add the flour, soda, cinnamon and protein powder and keep blending with your hands, feet, spoons, forks …whatever you have… as you see i lack basic equipment but i still made it…so everything is possible! YOU can do it

After the mix turns pinkish… (like that —>)


You take your plastic muffin forms (i bought those along with the special muffin tray from argos last sunday for £4.99) place them in the special muffin tray and equally apply your mix in them. 


You are absolutely ready… OOPs no!!!! wait! you had to preheat the over at maximum temperature while you were preparing the mix… but anw

put your fully loaded now muffin tray in the over and wait for 19’ (not a minute more)


THEY ARE READY!!!!!!!!!!! They are incredibly tasty, low in calories (only 100-130Kcal per muffin) and high in protein <3 

Enjoy !!!!


It is always with a great pleasure and excitement that I view the new collections of P&Co, not only because I have the brand associated with the incredible Ricki Hall but also because i admire the quality and intensity of brand building done, just within a few years. Moreover, a strong message is consistently being conveyed through each and every one of their products! It is often the case where the inspiration is mesmerising and captivates me the most, may that be through their impeccable look books or the story lines behind the collections themselves! This video is indeed one of my most favourite promo materials within the business!

Enchanted! Aren’t you?!

Tea time at Gilbert Scott/Renaissance Hotel

I was only 18 when i first moved on Pentonville road, only 5 minutes away from the famous Kings Cross station. I still remember how i’d always find a way to pass from Euston road so i could steal a glimpse of that glorious building next to the station… At first i didn’t really know what it was… a castle? a governmental building? some extension of a movie set? St.Pancras’ heavily embellished, gothic and elaborate Baroque building had stolen my heart from the first moment i laid eyes upon it.


It is perhaps my fascination with those past eras of Hemingway domination, with the charm and elegance of societies following a dainty kind of code of conduct, with the heavily decorated walls and the mosaics telling stories,  with the smart uniforms parading on figures that seemed to have jumped out of novels…it is all of the above that make me appreciate simple things like enjoying a cup of tea but in the form of ritual.


four, and a little bit more, years later and i finally find myself exploring that building i had so passionately worshipped for so long… it was being renovated you see …

Sitting now in the Renaissance Hotel and more particularly in the Gilbert Scott bar enjoying the company of my mother, who was visiting this past week, us girls yet once again were making up excuses to celebrate life in the most beautiful of settings


imageA selection of little sandwiches, puddings and scones accompanied our earl grey teas. i did spice things up with a bubbly based cocktail as this afternoon of ours required a toast! It is more often than not, that as a family we treat ourselves to little guilty pleasures, honouring the simplest of things, like being healthy, happy and in love… making our moments together precious and unique.



I do enjoy living life as if it is a fairytale sometimes, choosing who i want to be, how i want things to be… it keeps it all a bit magical! Waiting for surprises to pop from every corner gives you this childish, yet exciting and priceless anticipation, which breaks the dull domination of your routine. The Renaissance itself was indeed one of those aforementioned fairytale moments and i am definitely going back soon for more


Hackney Flea Market

Do you not recall those careless days when your imagination turned your backyard into a colourful world of endless possibilities? When hunting for treasures no matter how small became your raison d’etre? when discovering the tiniest of sparkle in the ground made you feel like the most vicious of pirates? well… i sometimes do get that feeling when i go on about discovering my most favourite town of them all.

London town a little bit to the East, in the up and coming Hackney, with my partner in crime Yanni, we felt determined to discover our little treasure in one of the most original flea markets. Having promised to only buy a pair of pearl earrings and yet leaving with a customised key chain, the visit was definitely somewhat of an adventure

A thousand little gems spread around the church, which hosted the event, made my radar go crazy and taking my inexistent ADD levels to new heights. Pots, leather goods, vintage clothes and jewellery, coats, russian hats, art work and paintings of another era … The place attracted the most interesting of crowds and i wasn’t sure whether the treasure was to be found among the items on the stands or among the people surrounding me.

Hackney Flea Market is a monthly curated market, offering local marketeers, creative independents, a space to sell their wares, promote their business, in the busy heart of Stoke Newington’s Church St.

For more information, or to enquire about trading, please email:

Feel free to share and spread the message!

By train: Stoke Newington, Dalston Kingsland.

By bus: Routes, 67, 73, 76, 243, 149, 106, 393, 466.


The Art of Pop up - Mad Hatter’s Brunch

Amidst the fashion week frenzy around the world and while myself also  receiving my fair share of SS15 updates and getting my fashion fix …eagerly enough i was also chasing after Mr. Rabbit too… who was popping into the most mysterious holes!

Overseeing Regent’s canal, on the 5th floor of the cutest little apartment, somewhere over the rainbow, between Islington and Hackney (blurred lines), Eleni and I found ourselves sitting in the most peculiar brunch…

no poached eggs and granola this time..but a Mad hatters symposium on the elaborately decorated tables shared by complete strangers. Intriguing to say the least and yet exciting altogether!!!!

This in fact was not a random event nor a silly story that i’m making up, to make a friend’s house warming sound thrilling, it is actually Christabel’s invention and ongoing project, concept, baby, creation (call it what you like) …a series of popups around london: brunches, banquets, high teas …and more…

The Menu goes something like this…

Mad Hatters Cocktail -(an elaborate prosecco actually)

Sausage bap with chilli tomato chutney and grainy mustard

Scrambled eggs with spicy honey & thyme 

Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Celery and peanut butter

The gooooooiest of chocolate brownies

A selection of Tea Pigs teas and coffee!

(price from £20)

Time was definitely well spent and the event was made even brighter by the presence of those strangers who were sharing the table, who by the end of the event became promising acquaintances. The impeccable mr. Porter and the most Pleasant couple consisting of vibrant story teller Vicki and her charming spouse Tom. Discussions about life and stories travelling us all the way to Africa back, shared experiences at alternate times and plans of a not so distant future … it was indeed a madhatter’s brunch, one i highly recommend not so much for the food but more for the people who might happen to sit next to you and you’ll get to meet and be enchanted by their lives and tales. 

Vicki and Tom Pleasant 

for more information regarding upcoming events click here

Vogue Fashion Night Out ft. Rentez-Vous

The fashion week/weekend buzz begins to settle in London town, and Vogue’s accustomed night out comes to seal the deal for all of the crazy shoppers out there. Walking on oxford street was practically impossible, so actually making an attempt to shop anything from a t-shirt to gum required a strong stamina. Thankfully i had myself a haven close by in the form of another funky Rentez-vous event. 

This time at the heart of Mayfair at Match! Bar on MArgaret Street, Fiona and the crew were throwing a great party in honour of the collaborative fashion concept rentez-vous is promoting. 

Guests were invited to Rent clothes from up-coming designers, fashion bloggers and wardrobes of other fashionistas! All for a fraction of the price! Free make up and complimentary drinks were extra little treats

RTV’s street style bloggers were in Oxford Circus, riding a unique Easycar stylish black cab. They spotted fashion looks in the street and got the best dressed/style back to the event…! 

All the spotted looks were tweeted and printed at the event with the help of instabear!

 items can be still rented out (or in):

Even my LFW2013 outfit is up for grabs … check it out on Verge Magazine here

#vfno #ootd #fashion night out #London the #outfit #grahamandspenser #zara #topshop #valentino

#vfno #ootd #fashion night out #London the #outfit #grahamandspenser #zara #topshop #valentino

Moschino - Selfridges

And being the girl that owns a collection of over 400 barbies including their houses, trailers, airplanes, mansions, cars, jeeps, shoes and accessories whose number goes beyond your wildest expectations I can openly admit that i fell in love with Moschino’s slightly kitsch and yet very Iconic collections for SS15. Without a doubt not the only enthusiast but for sure one of those few who would proudly wear a total pink look (without necessarily fuchsia being my colour) just as an ode to Moschino’s inspiration.

Ps: Mattel must be selling like crazy right now too!

London Fashion Week ss15 

Street Style/ Somerset House

Undoubtedly Somerset house becomes a beehive of creativity and artistic expression. I am always intrigued by the way people manage to express art, emotion, attitude (etc) through their choice of outfits, through their combinations, their accessories and their eccentric statements. This post is a tribute to all those fashionistas who beautify our dull routines with their bold statements… showing how vital and how dominant fashion can be













Sergio knows himself&#8230; Do you?! #knowthyself #tshirt #fashion #london  (at Bricklane Market)

Sergio knows himself… Do you?! #knowthyself #tshirt #fashion #london (at Bricklane Market)