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It is not the destination that is all about the journey
Blogging 101 

When your students carry out their assignments eagerly and using new media to the outmost 

#feelingproud #fashion_blogging_101

Blogging 101 

When your students carry out their assignments eagerly and using new media to the outmost

#feelingproud #fashion_blogging_101

Chilly red Vs. Crimson White

Officially in the midst of summer and the heat is sky hight here in our little island of Cuprusia! What a better opportunity than to put that “white” trend into action! Combine that romantic white lace with airy shirts and tops for anytime of the day! In combination with that chocolate colour that sun bestows upon you …the contrast will be by itself a great success! Don’t forget though to throw some chilly red in there and spice it up giving the outfit a navy stir! Love it!

shorts: Zara, top: Dahlia, shoes: Charles & Keith, clutch: Saint Laurent


Back to cyprus and the party won’t stop… The Italians visited and what a better excuse to enter the tipsy state of mind 24/7! Last Saturday we found ourselves at Ammos beach bar at Makenzy in Larnaca, one of my favourite summer spots! From Chill vibes to groovy beats, from sushi to bubbly it’s all about the summer mood… This Saturday Kolombo was on the decks driving our minds crazy and our bodies insane! Highly recommended from every aspect!!!!!

Love Ammos!

Cyprus Cocktail Week

It’s summer and I’m finally back home to embrace the glory of the sun by giving in the ritual of partying… What a better way to start this than a cocktail week?!?! The entire island is in an extra festive mood and most of us have already put on our colourful bracelets and are ready to ravage those cocktail bars all over! From Nicosia to Larnaca and from Limassol to Ayia Napa and all the way to Paphos prices are falling as low as possible to make us party animals extra wild and happy…
Be part of this trendsetting experience by simply joining the party…



Dioniso - Ortygia, Sicily

And while I’m in the bubble and excitement of packing and getting ready to fly back home to Cyprus… I just want to take you slightly back… Back to Syracuse … In the heart of Ortygia… To Dioniso!
Day 1 there and Eleni and me were on a tracking mission to familiarise ourselves with the island. After hours of walking and getting mesmerised by the breathtaking ambiance of Ortygia, we decide to treat ourselves to some highly recommended dinner, as a celebration of our recently commenced summer holidays and the “end” of a really tough year! And so after a couple of aperol spritz’ we ended up at this little alley where Dioniso was located!
A very charming man was standing outside the restaurant … He seemed wise, we was elegant and very appealing … Apparently this was mr. Alfio, owner of the restaurant and an incredible connoisseur who guided us through the Sicilian gourmet menu of Dioniso and recommended us the best… And believe me, they were indeed THE best!!!!
Another man was present in this scene however, and this was the executive chef of Dioniso, Lele … Interesting man indeed… By the end of the night we ended up enjoying not only our antipasti sardines, our primi squid risotto, our secondi tuna, our dolci panna cotta -the ultimate sensational vanilla experience - and the refreshingly smooth and yet peachy wine… But also the company of the very attentive and hospitable Lele and his adorable beagle Pero! You see… The dining experience was incredible not only because the food was made to perfection but also because the atmosphere was so welcoming and warm… I highly recommend Dioniso and I would really like to thank it’s people for making me feel like home!

Anna’s tea - Grosvenor House

The perfect midsummer day in London and my dad visiting, coinciding with my almost finished master degree, was the best excuse to pop by Grosvenor house and treat ourselves to some tea! Haha
I love rituals and traditions no matter how cheesy it may be I truly enjoy being part of them! The British tea time is in fact one of my favourite because it gives me so many emotions simultaneously… I get to feel like a little princess and also it reminds me of my childhood when I would play with my teapots and saucers! I get fascinated by the tiny delights and the colourful sandwiches! I get a little happy hit on the head with the bubbly champagne and then I get to indulge in all of this environment’s cuteness and also to the playful flavours! Just lovely isn’t it!
Grosvenor house’s park room was exquisitely delightful and the staff very accommodating I highly recommend it!

L.o.V - Lace on Valentino

Daddy in London and of course it’s time to hit the road … and I mean the commercial And culinary! Dinner at Chotto Matte last night where I eagerly wanted to share with my dad my love for this Peruvian-Japanese fusion! So I figured I’d invite a summery lace (Dahlia) and my funky Valentino Clutch to come with us too! By golden empress earrings gave the look an extra glam and my Topshop “boy-George” (as Zenina calls them) sandal/boots brought the entire look back on the ground! Edgy and glam yessssss! Feeling like myself!

Syracuse - Sicily vol.2 

The food… Although needless to say much, the expectations were rather high and I must admit they were all met! From the antipasti to the primi, then to the secondi and then on top of that a dolci - usually a panna cotta or a gelato both out of this world! The olive oil of course in abundance (some times a bit out of line) yet nonetheless delicious and Mediterranean! Fish fish fish everyday fish - of course other than salmon, which I have been eating 4 years now in London continuously! Sea-bream, sea-bass, prawns, swordfish, squid, calamari, sardines… All fresh and all incredibly tasty!!!!! And of course the oh-so vital aubergine in every single starter! I clearly remember Eleni begging me the last day to take something WITHOUT aubergine in it for a change!
I must admit nonetheless that I left from Sicily with a very happy tummy!
Ps: my personal favourite restaurant was that of traditional Sicilian cuisine (yet with a gourmet touch) “Dioniso” but more on that particular place soon…

Other recommendations for those who are thinking of visiting Ortygia ..
1. Dioniso***
2. Le Vin De l’assassin bistrot
3. Regina Lucia
4. Don Camillo
5. Cafe Minerva

Siracusa - Sicily

It’s 3am and my alarm goes off… I get out of bed with a thrill and yet at the same time kind of dazed by my deep sleep! I mechanically brush my teeth and get dressed. I open the window curtains. It’s gloomy and dark in London still! I’m ready now and pick up my Phone to see where Eleni is!
“Let’s go down, the taxi is here”
She said in a trembling ‘just-woken-up’ voice.
I grab my suitcase and eagerly (almost) run downstairs!!! And so the journey begun … Taxi to the airport (Gatwick), a 3 (or so) hour flight to Catania airport (Italy), an hour and a half in the bus to get to Siracusa and finally a taxi ride to our “appartamenti” on the tiny island of Ortygia! (believe me the way back trip was even worse…)
Nonetheless…all of it, and even more, worth it for the view we were to come across there, at the opening of a window!
The view reminded of something belonging to the noble distant past… A city of magnificent elegance and beauty. The buildings old and yet preserved to the romantic ambiance of a once loved epoch. The sun shining upon this glorious island lighting up the little stone paved streets. Every corner full of promises and emotions, history and fairytales. I felt enchanted as we entered piazza Duomo… I felt humble and so Little in front of such tremendous beauty … I wanted to soak it all in… Every single bit!
Our trip was short but it was filling and satisfying in so many ways… More to be blogged about … But let’s say that (possibly the only) two Cypriot girls (to ever pass from Syracusa) left there having charged not only their energy- batteries but also their mental sockets with vast amounts of culture and history…

And before I start with some crazy blogging on #Sicily and #Syracusa get a taste of some #Italian puppeteering