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It is not the destination that is all about the journey

Sushi Samba

It was a long day yesterday, but one filled with giggles, alcohol, good food and amazing company. Andrea is leaving next week, off to Mexico. So as she is abandoning London for now, there had to be an appropriate celebration. Having had brunch at my beloved Wolsely and after a failed attempt to reach to Notting Hill - Madness- Carnival we took a detour from West to East and sky high to Sushi Samba

Having London at our feet, and the Cucumber Cocktails flowing, we reviewed the year, we laughed at the good and the bad, we got emotional, we bitched about everything and when the bubbly tipsiness got control of our heads we indulged to an el topo roll (to DIE for).

From London, to New York, all across to Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas, Sushi Samba has definitely made a name for itself. PArticularly the London brunch is one of my favourite spots in London as it gives me this sense of freedom, of escaping from all the troubles of the world. 

If you’re going for the dining experience i recommend you book in advance as it tends to get pretty crowded. If you’re just in the mood for drinks just pass by and either be patient in a queue or could be lucky and get up immediately. 

*i do recommend the el topo sushi roll and the quinoa side

Happiness is a state of mind… food for thought!

Happiness is a state of mind… food for thought!

Mulberry ft. Cara

Of the cooperation we were all well aware of, for quite some time now, even the designs had been presented some months ago… what the luxurious brand left us with, was the anticipation.

Good news though…the wait is sort of over! the Cara Delevingne Collection Pre-Order is now on and you can get in the online queue to get a hold of this sporty chic new iconic Mulberry!

Prices vary from £995 to £2500 not that unreachable with some good planning or approach ;)

Personal favourite? the lion rivets <3


The Shed

August in London and the Great British Summer may not be as summerish as a Mediterranean would expect but oh well.. it has it’s merits. Spending most of my hours in the library trying to finish my dissertation (which is due in extremely soon) has not confined me from continuing my London explorations. This time with old and some new friends our direction was towards the West and more specifically to “The Shed”. 

The Shed is a cosy little restaurant close to Notting Hill Gate. A lovely extension of the Sussex rural haven of owners, Oliver and Richard. I would describe the dishes as a sort of british fusion tapas situation where the strong flavours of meat (venison, beef, lamb,chorizo) are pleasantly merged with touches of either silkiness (labne, yoghurt) or sweetness (honey, fruit…). Personal favourite was the amazing mouthful surprises at the beginning of the dinner. Tiny little aperitifs to get your apetite up, while satisfy you with their unexpected deliciousness. 

I would truly recommend the place for those who feel like escaping from the busy buzz of London and getting the countryside experience without necessarily leaving the city. Perfect place to drop by for a glass of wine and a cheese platter or a place to go out on an alternative date. A pleasant staff will ensure your stay is enjoyable and the cosiness is maintained. 

Bonjour #London &#8230; #coffee and #chanel #No5 perfume the recipe to keep you going through the day ❤️

Bonjour #London … #coffee and #chanel #No5 perfume the recipe to keep you going through the day ❤️

Summer Blues by rania-kouros featuring an eau de parfum perfume

Mint & Cinnamon - The Kitchen Bar

Back in London having myself locked in a fort of solitude to finish that final chapter of mine - regarding my MSc - but still one’s mind cannot be easily confined or restrained. So here i am recalling bits and pieces from Cyprus. 

This post is about Δυόσμος και Κανέλα - Mint & Cinnamon - a Kitchen bar in down town Nicosia (Cyprus).


The old city centre has truly been revived over the past couple of years and the dead city has risen from it’s ashes filled with little cafes, bars and restaurants of peculiar tastes and attitudes. Nonetheless little fella here has been there for quite some time, resilient to the difficulties that have been brought along its way. 


I particularly like Δυόσμος και Κανέλα - Mint & Cinnamon, not just for its incredible food but also for its impeccable service, the politeness and hospitality of the staff, but more importantly the feelings you get to attach with it. The warmth and its Mediterranean identity which is hidden as a surprise in every bite of every dish.

You will most definitely find familiar elements in the dishes and yet will be “confronted” by intriguing new flavours that have been placed there attentively. 



I highly recommend it for both day and night…  

more info for Δυόσμος και Κανέλα - Mint & Cinnamon ???? just visit …

Onasagorou 24,Old Nicosia

tel: 22681070

Hrs; Mon-Sun: 10.00-00.00 


The Art of “BLOW”-ing

Back from holidays and soon off to new beginnings and demanding times! So before i bid my tiny island goodbye i had to get myself polished. The sun in Mykonos and Asopos had made sure my hair had got that natural surf babe look, with a couple of golden highlights here and there but they had to be put in order… 

Although i love changes i am awfully bored of waiting… So i took the opportunity today at BLOW (my hairD-boutique) to get you through the phases of balayage  

Balayage is not as harmful as bleaching for your hair and yet has quite a lovely effect indeed. Balayage creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish

According to the australian Vogue balayage “is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders.”

The appeal… simply charming!

Big thanks to BLOW and particularly to Konstantia 

Beach Black

Yes of course I’m still here !!!! And yes I’m alive after my excessive and intense holidays to Mykonos and Asopos! I may still be in the process of sobering up but I couldn’t just leave you like that…! 

Time for some stylish fun by the beach then!!!! 

All you need is some materials and a lot of imagination as well as a crazy attitude! The expensive swim suit you bought just before summer after you managed to put that body of yours in shape and had mentally prepared for the half naked appearance at the beach, well it’s simply not enough! 

I like black it’s just more classy and straight forward so I grabbed this massive scarf-ish cloth of mine (Zara) and just went all Vilma (from flinstones) about it! Wrap yourself and tie it with a knot behind your neck! (That’s a basic)! Grab some of the excess cloth with pins or strings! Have fun while doing so and make sure to feel great in it!

Add those fab sun glasses of yours and boom your ready to rock that scene!


Blogging 101&#160;

When your students carry out their assignments eagerly and using new media to the outmost 

#feelingproud #fashion_blogging_101

Blogging 101 

When your students carry out their assignments eagerly and using new media to the outmost

#feelingproud #fashion_blogging_101